Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deadline Nears

Last night was our Girl Scout Troop meeting. The girls signed labels for their quilts and we practiced singing the Christmas carols we are going to perform when we go to the nursing home to present the quilts. Only two weeks to go.
I thought I would get lots done on the Thanksgiving weekend, but that never panned out. Instead I got back to work today trying to finish up enough to get us to our goal of 40 quilts. The Shoofly Orphan Quilt (#30) was already layered and basted, so I used a large scale meander to get it quilted up in a real hurry. I am not exaggerating when I say I had less than 15 minutes until it was time for the school bus to come, and I was there in plenty of time!
After dinner I got the second OC Orphan Quilt (#32) ironed and went ahead and layered and basted it. Using the same big meandering idea, I finished it off right after the kids went to bed. It took a few minutes to make up some binding and stitch it on, now I can add both of those to my list! I have enough kits that I should be able to get to my goal by just finishing off the last of those, but I'm having so much fun finishing off orphans and extras. At some point practicality will settle in and I'll realize I need to finish it all off. I think I timed myself on the last kit quilt I put together and it took less than half an hour start to finish. Given that math, I have plenty of time to squander.


Julie said...

You have been an awesome quilter to get as many done as you have!

Amanda said...

I'm full of admiration for the amount of hard work you've put in on these quilts, and I really do hope they are properly appreciated.