Saturday, December 13, 2008


I almost forgot to mention. Kurt's parents made it in to town, but I'm still waiting for him to show up. His international flight was delayed for three hours, and by the time he made it through customs, he had missed his connection. He was traveling with two other people on the same project, and the one who drove to the airport managed to catch his flight, leaving the other two stranded. I called and reserved him a shuttle so that he could get home, but his flight isn't due in until 11 p.m. I feel like I should stay up to meet him, but by the time he gets out of the airport and home again it will probably be the wee hours of the morning. I'm guessing he'll be pretty much done between jet lag and traveling and the cold he managed to catch while he was away. Isn't business travel fun?


Julie said...

What a bummer for him. I am sure that he wants nothing more than to just be home.

Amy said...

Hello, So sorry to hear about hubbies travel. never know with airlines and such. thanks for sharing. have a great holiday

Amanda said...

I think that is about the worst time - the wait between the aeroplane landing and his arrival home. And it's also the longest time for the 'returnee' too. Christopher is always exhausted after a business trip - he often has to take 13 or more different flights in two weeks - and sleeps non-stop for about two days.