Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming Home

Endeavor arrived back this afternoon right before the school bus. There was weather when it was supposed to land originally, so they diverted to Texas and piggybacked it home on an airplane. I didn't get my own picture, but this one was sent by someone from work. Everyone here is bracing for the end of the shuttle program and wondering how it will impact the area. We already have one neighbor leaving, he works directly for NASA and couldn't pass up a good offer to move out of state. They have a son Ryan's age and they play well together, so I will be sad to see them leave, but I would do the same thing in their position.
We've managed pretty well in a single parent household for the week. I am so thankful that I don't have to do this alone all the time! My mom managed from the time we were all small children, and every time I try to "go it alone", I have new respect for what she managed to do.
The quilts are all folded and ready to go. I need to clean Kurt's car out in the morning so that it is ready for carpooling, and I noticed that his back tire has a slow leak, so I should take care of that. The babysitter is coming at 1:30 to stay with Ryan, Sydney and Ryan's friend Lucas. Kurt's parents will be here sometime, they are coming off of a cruise and couldn't pin down an exact arrival. I hope it doesn't confuse the babysitter too much if they show up while I am gone. Kurt will be back in the US by early morning, but has to catch a connection and won't be home before bedtime. Sunday is another doozy with Anna singing in Church in the morning, a birthday party and OM in the afternoon as well as a holiday open house that I don't want to miss. I suppose we'll do as much as we can and count ourselves lucky to have so many options.


Amy said...

oh my oh my! Looks like your life has been a complete whirlwind during my absence---quite a bit on your plate that all got accomplished! So, hopefully, YOU will also be able to enjoy "winter vacation" as much as I hope to do :0)

Julie said...

I too am wondering what will happen after the shuttle program goes out. I remember when they were just starting it up when I was in 7th grade!! I had classmates (the science nerds - LOL) who were totally obsessed with the Space Shuttle. They were the same ones who wore Star Trek shirts in elementary school.