Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time Flies

Where has an entire week gone?
When last I checked in, I think I had just finished off the nursing home quilt delivery and was hosting my in-laws while waiting anxiously for the arrival of my dear husband. He stumbled in during the wee hours of the morning but still managed to be up before dawn due the the time difference. He brought a nice upper respiratory thing home with him, which seems to have missed all of the kids except Anna. (Also some beautiful sweaters for the kids I need to get pictures of still) I've finally downloaded pictures from the camera, and gotten some photos from Miss Sheila's memory card as well, so I'll share more of those tomorrow. Today I'll just zoom through the week and bring things up to date.

Last Sunday, Anna was singing in church in the morning. Her friend Sierra was dancing, and so I went and dutifully snapped pictures of them being all adorable. Kurt's mom was nice enough to come with me while Kurt laid low at home, still claiming jet lag.

The afternoon brought a lovely Christmas open house. My mother in-law came along while Kurt took Ryan to a birthday party. I'm not sure why the only picture I managed to snap was one of Anna and Sierra again.

Monday was back to work for the first day of finals. I put my nose to the grindstone, determined to have everything finished and entered by the end of the week. Tuesday was a repeat performance, followed by Sydney's class party conveniently scheduled just 20 minutes after the end of my last exam. We pasted and glitter glued ornaments, and tasted lots of frosting on these adorable little "gingerbread" houses.
By Wednesday I was finished with exams and spent the morning finishing off the last dregs. Grade calculations, comments, that sort of thing. So by Thursday I was done. Anna's class party just happened to fall in the morning on Thursday so I was able to make that as well, and helped out with "winter" themed activities of ice-cream, insta-snow, and Florida snow men made of white slime. I forgot my camera that day, so no photos of the third grade fun.
Kurt and I both off then on Friday, so we went out to breakfast together, finished off the Christmas shopping and went to the hardware store to choose house paint colors.
Saturday morning was my scheduled long run of 23 miles! I tried to get out of it, but I have these persistent running partners who wouldn't let me get away with it. Meisje was only scheduled for 18, so we started at 5:30 with a 9 mile loop. We came back for Tom and he ran with us for the next 9 mile loop. After dropping Meisje off back at her car, Tom and I did another short loop to bring the total to 23. I was tired at the end, but still functional, much to my own surprise. I got back to shower and change while Kurt went off to buy paint.
The rest of the afternoon was spent painting the house. We're going to rent scaffolding after Christmas, so for now, we're just painting the lower part of the house. I'm off to paint. I've volunteered for the low down trim work while Kurt goes crazy with the big 18 inch roller. We'll see how much damage we can do in a whole day. Happy Sunday everyone.


Julie said...

Yes, Christmas isn't busy enough, so we must insert some other activities -like painting the house -so that we don't get bored.

Amy said...

Hey lil' lady. I wasn't worried about you one bit; I figured other things were keeping you away from us, but we all understand!
Several pats on the back on all accomplishments; now you can relax and enjoy vacation for the next two weeks.
I'll have to get outside today to get some pictures of Wisconsin weather. Seeing your green vegetation and the blue sky reflected in the window is a bit "weird" when we're covered in inches of snow!
Can't wait to see what you do over vacation! Ooooo!! DId you get Book 1: Twilight? HA! I guess maybe I won't be seeing accomplishments--you'll be too busy reading!