Wednesday, December 31, 2008

House is DONE

We finished the house painting yesterday after several days of hard labor. My legs are tired and sore from climbing ladders and scaffolding, and I may never get all the paint out from under my fingernails. I am very thankful that we didn't have to pay someone to do the job for us. The going rate for painting a house this size would also buy a moderately priced car. Best of all, I know that it was done well. The cracks got sealed, the windows caulked and cleaned and the landscaping trimmed. Now I am looking forward to doing something nice and relaxing. Maybe Bonnie's mystery quilt, that sounds like a plan. First though, the scaffolding needs to get disassembled so it can go back, and I need to pick up the debris so I can get an official "after" picture. Then maybe a nice jacuzzi bath and a browse for mystery fabrics. That sounds like a plan.


Julie said...

It is looking good! I know it feels good to save that money. I am impressed with you up on that ladder. I am terrified of heights.

Amanda said...

I'm so impressed that you even felt like starting such a huge job, let alone finishing it so quickly. It looks great, and you must be feeling so pleased, and exhausted. Some well deserved time for yourself now I hope.