Thursday, November 27, 2008

32 Marks the End of my OC Orphans

I'm not quite sure why I had so many extra Orange Crush Blocks. I think it was supposed to make a bigger quilt. Mine was twin sized to fit on Sydney's bunk bed. Having only 7 blocks to work with, I stretched them a bit with four patches from the leaders and enders basket. One of the blocks was sewn wrong, so I put it in the middle to make it look less like a mistake. It's not pressed yet, but I need to head in for the night. I'm getting up obscenely early to to go shopping with my neighbor Barbara.
I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. This year I am thankful that my kind neighbor invited us to her house so that I didn't have to cook. We won't see our families again until Christmas this year which is very unusual for us. It might be the first year that we haven't either been either traveling or having company. It was really lovely to just be able to walk down the street carrying a few side dishes and visit with people instead of rushing around the kitchen.

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Julie said...

Sounds great! I see you got a Spam blog comment.