Friday, November 7, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

It is Friday, long awaited and much appreciated! If the week had lasted another day, I'm not sure I would have made it all the way through! And so, I celebrated the begining of the weekend by finishing off the string quilt I started on election night. Because most of it was finished during election results, I'm going to call it the election quilt (not exactly original, but its a charity quilt after all). It will go in the stack with the other quilts for the nursing home. I'm not sure how big the stack will be by Christmas, but it is looking good so far. I have a quilting workshop tomorrow with another troop of Girl Scouts, so that should help the total grow some more.
It was good to have Kurt back in town again, even though this was a short trip. We went out to dinner on Thursday and he was telling me about a poster at work that they had made from an advertising photo he posed for recently. I thought it was funny enough to see him on the company web site, I couldn't imagine a huge cardboard cutout of him! I joked that he should bring one home to keep me company when he is out of town again in December. So here are the kids posing with the not quite life sized poster which I am now calling "Mini Dad"


Candace said...

Cute quilt, cute kids, and cute 'mini dad' picture.

Julie said...

It is funny that a group of teachers that I was standing around talking to were saying the same thing about how long this week was. We all started whining on Wednesday and kept it up until this afternoon. I think it means we are in need of a HUGE break!!!

Amy said...

Yup, yup......I suppose we teachers better not whine too loudly about the stress level we ALREADY have so early in the year......"specially since we get the entire summer off."

That poster is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't read your words before looking at the poster, so I kinda had my quizzical look on my face, wondering...."Harris? Huh?" That's a riot! Quite the handsome fella! I'm sure Harris will RAKE in the money now!!!! :0)

HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! I hope you ARE able to kick back and enjoy too!

Mary Johnson said...

Love the string quilt! The kids look cute with the poster.