Monday, November 3, 2008


It's never good to be completely exhausted from a busy week and then realize that it is only Monday! Maybe the rest of the week will calm down and I'll have a chance to recuperate. Saturday I mentioned running, open house, and voting. Sunday brought more running and a marathon of laundry and paper grading along with cleaning, shopping and an OM meeting. I did something radical with the girls clothes --I'll have to wait to see if it will work. I was getting REALLY frustrated with the level of organization in their rooms. They couldn't manage to keep the clothes in the drawers or the clean separate from the dirty. Instead of continuing to be frustrated after washing yet another article of clothing that had never been worn -- I went radical. I pulled everything out of their rooms and let them choose 7 outfits to take to their rooms. Along with pajamas and socks and underwear, that is all they get for the week. I hope this works, because the volume of laundry in this house was killing me.
Things are back to normal at school, all the special events are finished and I have hope that they might learn something again. I had to run out to the fabric store after work to make sure that we had enough batting for the Girl Scout quilting bash tonight. I usually use warm and natural because I have a thing about being 100% cotton all the way through. Polyester was on sale though, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

That brings me up to the Girl Scout meeting. I can only say that the amount of sugar kids are allowed to consume following Halloween needs to be less. Much less. The girls were energetic and enthusiastic. Unfortunately that led to much sewing blindly followed by a large bits of unsewing. They did well once they got the hang of it and got about halfway done with their quilts, which is what I had planned. We'll finish them up at the next meeting.
Miss Sheila is my co-leader and has the patience of a saint. She's British and very good about keeping the girls on the proper path. She brought two of her sewing machines, and with my 4 set up, we were sewing full steam ahead. I would never have been able to manage supervising so many girls without her help. I don't think I have a single Mom in the troop that knows how to sew at all. Not only did she help with the meeting, she even sent dinner over after the meeting. So, I'm sitting here now munching on homemade egg rolls and trying to stay up until 10 at least so that I don't wake up at 4 am again tomorrow.


Tamara Lund D.C. said...

I have thought about going radical on my kids rooms too. It seems like so much work. What do you do with all their stuff? Let us know how it works.

Amanda said...

Oh, how I remember that with my own two boys, and I never found a solution that worked for long and regularly resorted to bribery and threats! Do you get a half term break? It sounds as if you need one.

Julie said...

I have started making my daughter do her own laundry. I discovered that if she didn't want to put clean laundry away she simply tossed it back into the laundry basket. Ha, now she does it herself!!
Your idea is fantastic!!!! I never thought of that one.