Friday, November 14, 2008

Shuttle Launch

I had a very quick evening run tonight, but wanted to rush back in time to see the shuttle launch. It is getting near the end now and nobody knows exactly how many more there will be. Occasionally we'll go out to the beach or up to jetty park to see a launch, but usually we just head out to the front yard. Most of the neighborhood is usually out doing the same thing, so it's kind of festive. The week has been a long one, and I spent a good bit of the afternoon comatose on the couch watching TV with the kids and sewing the binding down on Dad's Plaids. I'd love to call in DONE DONE, and get it settled on the bed.


Julie said...

Wow, you can see them from your yard? LUCKY! I want to see one before it ends. I never have. How can you find out the schedule?

Amanda said...

How exciting to be able to see a launch live. It always looks so dramatic on the television - can you hear it well too?