Sunday, November 16, 2008


It was a long and painful week. I thought I might be too tired and grumpy to quilt this weekend. I was wrong. All the kids and the husband were dead asleep by 9:00 so I thought I'd just putter on the lap quilts for a bit. I had a pile of trimmings to sort through for scraps and a couple of bindings to sew down.
One thing led to another and I decided to do a little work on the teal slice and dice squares I sewed together last weekend. I think the only way to get better at free motion is just to keep practicing. I was going for a pointy kind of swirl on this one. Some of the points ended up a little round, but I'm happy with the overall effect. I am a much happier and calmer person after a good dose of quilting therapy.

Ryan had a chess tournament today, so most of the day for me was spent sitting and waiting. He had a good day, and ended up with a first place trophy in the "under" division which is for the lower ranked players. He didn't care what division it was, he got a trophy and was a happy kid.

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Amanda said...

Good for Ryan, chess is so good for the brain, and fun too. Sorry to hear you had a bad week, but hooray for quilting. When I was feeling very low earlier this year, and having lots of panic attacks, I used to just sit and sew strips and squares together for an hour or so at a time, and it always helped to calm me down. I love the colours of your little lap quilt.