Monday, November 24, 2008

Binding Tutorial Part 3

1. Sew the binding on all four sides, until you get ALMOST back to where you started.
2. Leaving a few inches of space, take the begining and fold it straight out from the edge, leaving a triangle fold at the top edge. Keep everything on the machine so that you don't have to start and stop your threads.
3. Now take the end of the binding strip and cross over the triangle you formed from the begining edge.
4. After crossing over the begining of the binding, fold the top edge out, forming another triangle, but facing the other directions. the two triangles now form a little flying geese shape, pointing to the inside of the quilt.

5. Keeping your fingers there to hold everything in place, sew straight down through all the folded layers.

6. Trim the hanging tails off even with the raw edges of the binding.

7. Take the folded edge and fold it to the back of the quilt. Using a blind hem stitch, sew the binding down. The corners and the spot where you joined the begining and end will have little "pockets" from the multiple layers, you can put an extra stitch in each of these spots to hold all of the layers together and prevent shifting.


Amanda said...

What lovely clear directions and explanatory photographs. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I managed to work out how to do the corners a short while ago, though leaving everything attached and not cutting threads is a good idea, much simpler. But I've never been able to work out how to start and finish properly, so I'll be trying this on my next quilt. Again, many thanks.

Amy said...

*knockin your skull*
HEY LADY! Are you nuts????? By the time you finished typing that tutorial, it MUST have been near 11:30, or midnight!
You'll be payyyyyying for that :0) BUT, THANK YOU TONS (again) for typing up this tutorial. I will be adding these as "important quilting tips" to the side bar of my blog sometime soon!

One question---when you say "blind hem-stitch," are you referring to hand-stitching or is there a "clean" way to do this on the machine?


Tamara Lund D.C. said...

What a great tutorial. Your directions are very clear and the photos are wonderful. I am going to use it on moms Triangle Logs. Thanks!