Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loose Ends

I finally finished the last bit of binding on Dad's Plaids and got it washed, dried and on the bed. It has been really cold here lately, and I have had two quilts on the bed at night. I thought they should at least be big enough to actually fit on the bed. Since most of my quilts aren't king sized, finishing this one seemed like the best option.
Ryan has plans for a new quilt. He was practicing continuous line quilting patterns with me during Tuesday's SUM meeting and really took to the idea. He love mazes, so this was right up his alley. After looking at a few of my designs, he started branching out and coming up with his own ideas. He wants to use white and light blue and dark blue in stripes (hamburger, not hot dog) to make a trail and then quilt snails into the the trial that are traveling to the center of the earth. I showed him a rail fence pattern and he thought that might work well for his idea. The quilt is going to be about the same size as his last Pokemon quilt. It warms my heart to know that I am developing a whole new generation of quilters. Kurt has them hooked on Queen songs and Zucker Brother's movies, so I guess we all warp them in our own ways.


Donna said...

designing his own continuous line quilting designs is a huge step! I bet that'll keep him intersted for a while :-)

Amanda said...

Doesn't the quilt look good on the bed, and I bet it'll be warm and snug too. Ryan's way ahead of me! All I'm managing is meanders and loops, and I've added in a few stars and holly leaves for my christmas quilting. I'm very impressed with his ideas.

Julie said...

Ryan is quite the impressive little kid!!

Amy said...

YUP! The cold weather has found us too----we have officially hit the single digits this week! BRRRRR! Now you know why so many people retire in Florida! :0)

Catching up on your blog---way to keep running. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be able to finish under 2 hours this year.

And YES---it IS quite amazing what the Leaders/Enders can have you accomplish! What a brilliant concept.