Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Day at a Time

Today was a little calmer than yesterday I think. It was my turn to chaperone chess club, so I got to come home for long enough to eat lunch before heading out again. Ryan is really enjoying chess these days, and Anna and Sydney helped out a little, showing the moves to two new members. Kurt is going to be late for dinner so I'm stalling the kids now as I sit and type. I was doing really great on getting caught up on all of my grading, but gave a test in Chemistry today and so need to start over again on that. If I were smarter, I'd come up with some way of creating less work for myself. I always feel like I'm cheating the kids though when I take shortcuts. Like everything else in life, it is a matter of finding the right balance. I usually stay late on Friday's and try to catch up on everything so I don't have it hanging over my head all weekend.
I think we have the usual ice skating and OM this weekend, and Ryan wants to go to a chess tournament. It is less than last weekend though, so by comparison it should be relaxing. I've gotten 4 of the lap quilts bound and the labels prepped during odd moments this week, maybe I'll get the rest finished up this weekend. My own troop will be quilting on Monday, so I'll have another batch ready to go I hope. I know there is another quilting marathon going on this weekend, but I won't be able to indulge. We aren't traveling on Thanksgiving this year, so maybe I can do a mini marathon on Black Friday. I have a half marathon on that Sunday and a 5 K on Thanksgiving day, but I think it will be pretty calm otherwise. I don't even have to cook this year. Our families are all otherwise occupied this year and we have been invited to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm going to make my traditional cranberry pineapple chutney and a couple of pies. That should be easy compared to making the whole thing. Even though it is fun to go all out, it is more relaxing to let someone else do most of the work.

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Amy said...

*scratching head*
Okay, seriously Angela----did NOT some of your posts disappear? What happened to the "turn-around" day????

Anyway, I understand your "why do we make so much work for ourselves" dilemma. Many times, I have said "GOSH! Just make a stupid multiple-choice test already!!!!" But then, I reallly don't get an idea of what they know because there are SO many steps involved in higher level (and even middle school) math! Every problem is "partial credit" and takes so long to score, BUT very well worth the results when students amaze you/me with their thoughts and methods of solution.

I hope you're running enough for the both of us, because I have YET to get my feet going. I can't WAIT to hear about YOUR running endeavors, though, and maybe you'll motivate me enough to get going again.

Have a great weekend.