Monday, May 5, 2008

Another one Bites the Dust

I am rapidly crossing things off of my to do list, and that is making me feel free to start new projects. Here is a mugshot of my finished Carolina Crossroads. I ended up using a meander for quilting. I was doing a grid, but I didn't like how the back was turning out.
Here is a close-up of one of the stars. They don't stand out that much on my quilt. I think If I were to make this quilt again, I'd fill in the middle with darker colors to make that part stand out more. I'm not sure how my quilt ended up square, everyone else's I've seen have been rectangular.

Anna wanted to help me with my picture taking, she thinks it is so cool that she is on the internet!
I spent an hour this afternoon and whipped up a sample lap quilt for the nursing home. It's about 36 by 42, and I'll have to see if that is a good size. I'm trying to come up with a pattern simple enough for the girl scouts to do successfully while still coming up with a decent end product. I used a quilt as you go technique with a simple stripy pattern. The girls could use the sewing machine to add a decorative stitch, and choose the width and arrangement of the strips. I'm guessing if I can finish the entire thing in one hour, that they should be able to do it during a half day workshop.


Amy said... still teach, right?
Again, what we can accomplish in a given 24 hours is absolutely amazing!!!

The CC looks awesome! I wish I had enough time to "whip" out another CC in Patriotic colors for my Dad's retirement (May 31)...but.....I don't dare try! I moved pretty quick on my mom's Green/Pink/Brown CC, but I don't foresee as much free-time on my hands. Hers took 20 days.

Anna is adorable! And I LOVE that log cabin! That actually gets my wheels turning for my Dad's quilt....but again. (*sigh*) I just need to stick to my guns with the Oklahoma Backroads since it's almost finished.

So, you counting the days yet? Hopefully Saturday's late night hasn't caught up with you.
Keep sewing!

Amanda said...

Your CC looks good - square or rectangular, I have been so impressed with everybody's end products. They inspired me to start on the OC, so here's hoping. Your lap quilt looks good, just challenging enough but not too daunting. Loads of luck with it.

Candace said...

Your CC is wonderful. I'm using the red white and blue too, but I have just finished step 2. Anna is adorable. Your little quilt is very cute also, I'll bet the girl scouts would enjoy it. Try to have help, as I had 2 granddaughters for a beginners sewing day (they made tote bags) and I was exhausted. They needed lots of reassurance, and help with the machine.