Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girls Night Out Part 2

Tonight one of the ladies from work arranged for a girls night out at a local spa. The spa offers free services to try to get new customers, and the girls bring food and wine to share. I guess the services vary depending on what staff they have, but tonight it was massages, facials, pedicures and haircuts. I am now well fed, relaxed, and exceptionally well groomed. It was a very nice way to celebrate my birthday/anniversary.
Our vacuum cleaner blew up last week. I'm not sure exactly how it blew up, there was just a message from our housekeeper saying there was an unfortunate explosion, and the vacuum was in the shop. The damaged turned out to be severe. Considering that she was 14 years old (A wedding present), we decided to lay her to rest and order a newer model. I hope he fact that the new one showed up today doesn't make it my birthday present. I once got a Roomba for Christmas, but I think this is going too far.
I didn't have a chance to work on the OC tonight. Just when I think I should be getting done with everything at work, I get pulled back into something. I spent today breaking down a fish tank, cleaning rubbish out of lab desks, and discussing curriculum issues with two of the new teachers. Now if I could only get to some of the things on my actual to do list, I could be done for the summer.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday. I do hope that you get a real birthday present. I once made the mistake of buying my husband a new lawn mower for his birthday. The fact that it's made his life a lot easier is beside the point - he never lets me forget! Not long to go now before you can start to relax.

Candace said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of 'life'. The good thing is, then you catch up, and get on with it again. At least you 'looked marvelous', and the old reruns of SNL skits advised that was the most important thing. I guess that I never realized how much extra time goes into a teacher's job. I have a friend who teaches, and she says she has been working til almost 8 every night. The thank a teacher slogans are even more true than I thought.