Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks for the Weekend

I made it through the week -- only two more to go until summer! I have three days to teach, three days to review and four days of finals. I can do that right? All that remains is to proof my exams this weekend and make up a review sheet. That shouldn't be a problem.
I have a 5K in the morning. I've got three of my running partners going with me, so it should be a good time. We have a local running store that has done a lot in the last few years to organize races and events in the area. I can remember not that long ago when I would win a race because I was the only one in my age group. Now even a regular 5K gets enough people to require chip timers!
One of my running partners has the grandmother who is going to be our quilt tester. I'm going to finish the binding on the green and pink four patch stripy tonight so I can give her the first two quilts at the race. Anna wants to be my kid tester and make her own quilt this weekend. She picked out some pretty blue and yellow flowered fabric that will make a happy quilt. I'll have to see how long it takes her and how much help she needs.
My Brownie troop is bridging on Monday, that's when we get to move up to become Juniors. I've spent the evening cutting and pasting bridge related things that I found online. I think I'll print out a copy and see if my co-leader and I can sit down and organize it into some sort of cohesive ceremony.
It's all good. I keep telling myself that. I may be busy, but I'm busy with good things.


Amy said...

Oh Angela...
Again, when I read your blogs, it's like reading my own words. We are so alike! EXCPEPT for the fact that I have FOUR weeks left before summer....*SIGH*

Your "double-candle" entry hits home too. I have another lady at school who keeps tabs on my latest sewing endeavors. In fact, this morning, she inquired about if I decided on a pattern for the reds/white/blue. When I told her the top was almost half complete, her only response was "do you ever sleep?"

I know the picture of us we present on our blogs isn't EVERY part of our lives, but yes dear.....we all have those "is this week ever going to be over" days and those "who needs to be where and when tonight, tomorrow and the next day" days and the "is all the homework done, dishes done, laundry done, teeth brushed, baths taken, hair combed" days. the end, we all survive when we realize that....this is life and it is what we make it.

Ok...I've definitely rambled now I'm off to continue rambling in my daily post for today.

Good luck on your 5K!

Amanda said...

Keep it up! Those last few weeks of term can be hell, but the end does keep coming closer. Keep remembering to make lists - they're the road to sanity when life gets so hectic. Enjoy your run.

ADRE_A said...

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