Monday, May 12, 2008

Girl Scout Bridging

We went to my school tonight to use the bridge over the pond for our bridging ceremony from brownies to juniors. I gave the camera to one of our moms who took adorable pictures, but since I don't have permission to post pictures of all the girls on my blog, I thought I'd post this one of Anna. She must get her photogenic gene from me.
I cobbled together a little ceremony out of bits and pieces from the internet. I thought it all came together very nicely. We sang two songs, recited the Girl Scout promise and law, included a couple of poems about bridges and friends, and even shared memories of brownies and wishes for juniors. The girls wanted to eat brownies and junior mints symbolically, so we did that too.
Kurt is out of town for the week, and wildfires are looming. Strange things always happen when he goes out of town; from illness out of the blue to subpoenas to court. I'm thinking evacuation for wildfires would be about right. If it weren't too early for hurricane season I'd be checking the weather forecast. We're running the air right now, not because it's too hot, but just to keep the smoke outside. I need to go watch the news to check for school closings. I remember as a kid watching the news for snow days. I never would have dreamed I'd be checking for hurricane and smoke days.


Amanda said...

It sounds as if your Brownies had a terrific time. I do hope your weather doesn't deteriorate too much.

Candace said...

Anna is adorable. Sounds like all went well with your Girl Scout ceremony.
My x daughter in law and 2 of my grandchildren live in Palm Bay, I haven't heard, but I figure if they were in the worst we would have heard. I am going to call tonight to check. These fires are very tragic, it is hard to believe that arsonist's cause so many of them.
I hope all goes well while your husband is away.

Amy said...

Angela---I was thinking of you today when I was watching the national 6:00 news. I wasn't sure exactly where you were located, so I was only hoping that you weren't near the fires. Apparently, my hopes didn't work :0(
I'll be thinking of you, dear, and hoping that all goes well, speically considering you are solo-parenting this week.
Thanks for keeping us posted---