Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Time

Everyone snuggled up in bed last night to watch TV, and I thought it was just too cute. The longer days are starting to have an effect on everyone and enforcing a 7:30 bed time is getting harder and harder. I'm thinking it will have to move up to 8 during summer vacation, but maybe I can make 7:30 to 8 into "reading in your room" time. I've never been one of those moms that let the kids stay up until all hours hoping they'll sleep in. It never seems to work, and I just enjoy the peace at night too much.
I got another load of fabric at the girl scout meeting earlier this week. After I got home from work this afternoon, I spread it out all over the formal living room floor and started trying out different fabric combinations. What fun.! I seem to have a lot of focus fabrics and very few blenders and solids, but there are quite a few quilts in there waiting to be coordinated. I'm anxious to schedule the first quilt workshop, I just need to make sure I have enough kits ready to go and then I'll set a date.
Our troop is scheduled to go to the zoo next weekend on the same day as Sydney's ballet recital. Luckily one is in the afternoon and one is in the evening. I'm the lucky backstage mom helper, so I get to entertain 5 preschoolers for two hours and get them in and out of their tutus! I always seem to be the lucky winner when it comes to volunteering. Someday I'll learn not to be such a soft touch.
Today was the last day with students. I didn't have any finals today, so I was able to get everything graded and entered. I'm most of the way done with the end of the year checklist, so I should have time to finish up my own projects next week. They had a nice luncheon today with end of the year raffles and gifts. I got my 5 years of service pin and won a "day out" gift basket. It has gift certificates for Panera Bread and Macy's as well as little goodies in a cute little fabric thing that looks like it will hold file folders. It's almost frustrating to have a three day weekend when I'm so close to being done, but I'll try to enjoy it anyway.

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Amanda said...

I was the same - I needed to have my evenings to myself, so my two boys went upstairs at the same time each evening, but the actual bed time got later. I think they enjoyed having some relaxed time to themselves too, reading or drawing. Have a good weekend.