Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Anna made me breakfast this morning. It didn't come to me in bed, but it was waiting at the table when I got up. I am a lucky Mom.
Sydney was helping me today to make HER quilt. I trimmed the Dresden Plates down to size, and she helped me arrange them and lay down the sashing. As I was ironing the strips and handing them to her, she told me what a good sewing person I was. She said I was so fast and good at making quilts that I should consider entering a competition for sewing. Then she said that was silly, because they didn't have contests like that, but If they did, I would be the winner for sure. This is the same four year old who was diagnosed with a developmental delay in speech at 18 months. I think she's got if figured out now.
After that I decided to work the the next step of the OC quilt. I looked and looked, and couldn't find my easy angle ruler anywhere. Honestly, looking at the space next to my sewing machine, who could imagine that I'd have trouble finding something? I practically had to clean the whole study before the ruler showed up, right next to the machine, under a pair of gloves, scissors, two spools of thread, three bobbins, a drawer of accessories, a phone, a pile of scraps and a cup of corn starch. Just the essentials.

After getting all the pieces cut, I chain pieced a bunch, but then had to put one block together all the way to see how it would look. I'm not thrilled about the color combination so far, but I'm going to let it go for now. I'm thinking I should have chosen a stronger green to stand out more compared to the scraps. I was going for a frosty sherbet thing, but I may have gone too light.

Finally, I got four Girl Scout quilts "kitted" One complete yard for the back and then just over a yard of various coordinating strips for the front and four strips of binding fabric. I thought I would be able to pull together more quilts from my stash, but I just don't have that much fabric I guess. Enough to go with lots of stuff, but not enough to make much from scratch. I've got several people who have volunteered more fabric, so I'll keep sorting as that comes in and supplement when I need to. I asked my friend to help me come up with a name for our project, and she suggested Scouting Lap Scraps or Scout Patches. What do you think? Does anyone else have a good idea? The goal is to present 3o lap quilts to elderly residents of an Alzheimer's care unit while caroling this Christmas.


Meisje said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I have some fabric for you. Really, I do! I don't know why I have it -- I've made my one quilt for my life -- but it's taking up space in my laundry room. I'll be more than happy to move it to yours. (Along with your china bowl from the party, which has also been living in my laundry room.)

Amy said...

One vote for "Scout Patches."

Just seems fitting for the scouts......

As always, glad to see you were able to enjoy your day with all your passions---quilting and family!

Amanda said...

Your little Sydney sounds as if she's right on the button speech-wise - just goes to show that they all have their own timetable. My younger son was diagnosed as deaf when he was about 8 months - now, aged 24, he works as a DJ and can hear a pin drop at 50 yards!