Monday, May 26, 2008

Girls Night Out

Tonight I went out with a group of friends for drinks. They all have a usual Monday night thing after tennis. I don't play tennis at all, but it was still a nice time out. One of my running partners invited me out to celebrate my birthday. She reads my blog, so I have to say, "Thanks for the girls night out." It was nice to get out of the house AND to spend time socializing.

This is the osprey that we watched devour a fish last night during our cookout. I saw the white head and thought for a minute it was an eagle. There are a couple that nest new the back of the neighborhood. After I took the picture, I zoomed in and got a good look at his head. Definitely an osprey. I really do need to get my eyes checked.
I put together a few of the leaders and enders blocks yesterday to see how I like them. I think in general it's pretty good, I'll have to watch the contrast and make sure I don't get too many lights in the outside rim. It is certainly an easier pattern than the Irish chain to keep track of.
I kept working on the OC quilt today, and got all of step 4 done, along with a big chunk of step 5. I didn't get any pictures taken yet, but I'll be sure to get the camera out tomorrow. It was a nice relaxing day, and I alternated between quilting an laundry. Not much of an alternation I guess since those are such similar things, but I caught up on my recorded shows for the week while I was at it. I've been DVRing all of the crime scene shows as preparation for my forensic science class next year. Tomorrow is still a work day, even if it is post planning, so I should call it a night.


Meisje said...

Wow, you're fast! I've barely had time to kiss the sleeping kids and fill Bud in on the evening.

Thanks for coming out, it was fun, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Only Lisa and I play tennis; the others just come out for fun, so no need to take up another sport just to hang out!

Candace said...

I'm glad you got to relax a little during the holiday. You are really doing well on the OC. I'm still in the hoping to catch up stage, and I don't have a job and children at home. Yeah you. I like to look for the osprey nests when we go from Orlando to Tampa.