Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Close

I gave my last final today and can see the finish line. I'm not quite there yet -- but it's so close. I've been at school late everyday trying to tie up all the loose ends, and the house is suffering. I'm hoping it can hobble along without me for just a few more days and then I'll have time to do some serious organization and decluttering.
I am in the process of trying to eliminate paper files at work. For years I've kept old worksheets and lesson plans in binders by semester and by year. It seems like a nice idea, but I never refer to them, and when I try, I can never find what I need. So I've disassembled all of the binders and picked the things that I might want to use again to scan as pdf files. I've spent several long hours feeding them through the copier, and several more renaming the files and putting them into folders on the hard drive.
Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and chaos has come calling at home. I spent half an hour looking for Ryan's class t-shirt, which he's supposed to wear for field days tomorrow, and another half hour trying to find Kurt's passport for our Jamaica trip in July. No luck on the passport, but the t-shirt was hiding in a set of sheets in the dryer. I'm trying not to think about how sticky the kitchen floor is, but I can't ignore the things that smell bad. I guess everyone has a threshold.


Amy said... have now declared yourself officially just a weeeee bit wacko and over-achiever! Scanning as PDF's....GEEZ! I haven't even thought of that!!! I'm glad you found Ryan's T-shirt; I will only HOPE you find the passport.

But....a few words to let you know this "non-perfect-momminess" happens to everyone....
My oldest came home today and said..."MOM! I REAAAAALLLLLY can't forget to take my treat to school tomorrow for the party, otherwise I'll have to sit and do LOTS of worksheets while the rest of the kids can party."
OMG! I completely forgot it was her turn to bring a "Fruit snack" for her class party. So, off I went to buy watermellen and grapes at 7:00 tonight.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow and you are saying goodbye to the 07-08 year. Lucky-duck!

Amanda said...

I used to save everything too, and even if I found what I wanted it was never quite right for the new class, so I had to remake it. When I retired I'm afraid I just walked away from it and let the new teacher sort it all out! I used to love the feeling of 'reclaiming' my house once the holidays started - it was great to do something mindless and play at house again. I never did anything to the house between holidays, and we all seem to have survived somehow.