Saturday, May 3, 2008

Miles to Sew Before I Sleep

I posted random pictures of the other two kids recently, so thought I should add one more and finish out the set. We had "me and mommy make-up time" this morning. I did 6 miles this morning on my run and now I feel good about the rest of the day. Something about getting up nice and early and accomplishing something makes it OK to slack off for a while after.
I finished the binding on the pinwheel quilt and started on the broken star. Gosh is it big! I just keep sewing and sewing and the end never seems to come. I also started the quilting on the Carolina Crossroads quilt, although I'm starting to rethink the grid thing. The backing is kind of puckery and maybe a meander would smooth things out some. It may be too late to change my mind though, I've already sewn quite a bit. I can't help thinking that if I keep practicing, my machine quilting will get better. I know other people do a really nice job on home sewing machine. I just keep seeing the gorgeous work that people have done on their longarms and wondering why my quilts can't look like that.
Has anyone ever ordered from Connecting Threads? I saw an add in Quiltmaker magazine and thought it looked good. They have several collections along with kits to go with each collection. It seems like a very good deal if the quality is decent, and they have free shipping with a $50 order. I held myself to only $56 which I thought was pretty good, and put in a test order. I think it would be a great place for my mom to shop for my Christmas presents (Mom reads my Blog, so this is a blatant hint).

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Amanda said...

I know what you mean about machine quilting. I'm doing a machine quilt sampler at the moment - each block different. I'm okay at straight lines - it works best if I go in the opposite direction each time - but need heaps more practice at free hand quilting. I'm coming to the reluctant conclusion that it works best with proper basting, not pins. I'll post picture of my progress so far.