Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy NOT to be a Single Mom

I made it through the week. It is all a frantic blur of missed appointments and forgotten obligations, but it's over now and I can take a few deep breaths before I have to start again. I had it all planned to the minute, get Sydney from preschool, meet the school bus for the other two, dash to graduation rehearsal, pick up a home baked dessert from the grocery store, feed the kids dinner and get the the cub scout crossing over ceremony just in time. I did not schedule any time in the middle to get rear ended while waiting to turn right at a red light. It was not on my to do list for the day! I guess that's what I get for having a to do list. Oh well, it's just a car. The rear bumper is not exactly a necessary part. Kurt even made it back from the airport in time for the ceremonial crossing of the bridge.


Amanda said...

Oh, doesn't life just love to jump up and slap you in the face every now and then! I so well remember organising everything down to the last T, and then something unexpected cropping up to mess everything up. Chin up, only a few more weeks till the end of term.

Meisje said...

Oh, no! Do you need a new Runner Girl sticker for your back window???

Amy said...

Well, I guess I need to be happy and sad for you then. Happy that the family is back intact and that you all were able to make the ceremony, but sad that "Murphy" visited you......"if anything can go wrong, it will."
(kinda like me last week----everything running smoothly, and then....BAM! BOTH vehicle's brakes go out within two days of each other!!!!)
I hope you'll be able to kick back this weekend and not be so frantically frazzled :0)
Happy WEEKEND!!!