Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The End is in Sight

We had a test today on organic chemistry, and it was the last before finals! Trying to accomplish anything this time of year is an exercise in futility. The alternative is to admit that you have given up, and that can only lead to chaos. I finally finalized my finals and even finished my budget for forensic science next year. They still won't tell me what else I'll be teaching, so I can't do the other classes yet. We got our end of the year instructions yesterday, so I'll have to start checking all of that off of my to do list.
On the quilty front, I decided on a purple for the Dresden Plates Quilt and got those cut and layed out. The darn quilt has been on the floor for almost a week now, and I need to get it picked soon. I sat with the kids watching pokemon before bed tonight and paired up ALL of the leftover blades. I think I'll use them as leaders and enders for a while and use them for more stripy quilts. I think they would look good alternated with white bands.

1 comment:

Amy said...

oh! You goof! Sure....Leeeave us in suspence with which purple you chose......*crossing arms and stomping foot.....*

ahh....the end of the year....three more weeks for me, but our Seniors graduate next Friday! I am seriously going to miss my student aide! He is LITERALLY my right-hand-man!

hope your day went well and still thinking about you and the fires......