Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the Prowl for UFOs

I'm feeling good about checking things off the perpetual to do list, so I went searching for something else to finish off. This quilt was supposed to be for Sydney's room back when it had a flower garden theme. It has since been redone in a mermaid and castle theme, but the colors still work, so I'm going to finish it up. I was going to do a quilt as you go, but didn't like the way the lattice was working out and put it away to age for a while.
If I move the quilts I've finished this year to the bottom of my list, I can add this one and still maintain 10 works in progress. I'm cheating by adding the Girl Scout Quilts to the done list but not the WIP list. Hey -- it's my blog -- I can make up my own rules!

I have 12 blocks done, two of which are quilted, but I also have 15 more blocks cut and sorted into baggies. I get that part. What I don't get is why I did all that and still kept cutting fan blades. I must have just kept going until all the fabric was gone. Look at those stacks of blades! Exactly how many quilts did I think I was going to make? Maybe I'll use the extras for a modified piano key type border. After that I guess I can make some Chinese coin strips. Hmm, something to think about. I'd better go measure the bed before I make any solid decisions.


Candace said...

If you daughter feels like me, you can't have too many quilts, and if they aren't exactly the same theme, I call that eclectic.

Amy said...

Thanks for the chuckle!!! You're "what-was-I-thinking-self-talk" cracks me up! AND, I love how you feel you can just make up your own rules about your blog! You're a riot!

Glad to see your UFO list is making progress. You can count of me staying tuned to see the final product!

Amy said...

oh dear! Good think I don't teach English!!!

You're = Your!!!

Rhonda said...

LOL... that is what happened with my Summer Breeze quilts too!
Glad you are making progress on those UFOs!