Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today we celebrated Sydney's birthday. She had to count up on her fingers to figure out that she was five, but expected princess birthday treatment all day long.
Kurt let me have an easy day, knowing that I was a little little frazzled after being alone with the kids all week. He even did laundry! I emptied the scrap bag and had a little cutting party while catching up on CSI. I never used to watch it, but since I'll be teaching forensic science next year, I have been scoping it out. Some of the science is good, but some of it is way off. Last week they had this whole thing about making an arsenic test kit out of the acid in toilet bowl cleaner and copper wire -- it was craziness. (Toilet bowls are basic, not acidic!).
My co-leader brought over a HUGE bag of fabric full of fabric for the Girl Scout Quilts. We'll have to take an evening this week and go through it to see what sort of combinations we can come up with. A lot of them are florals and focal prints. There are a few solids and accents. It'll be fun to see what we can make out of it all.


Meisje said...

We're doing acids and bases in homeschool tomorrow; Sierra is supposed to taste different things, then test them for acidity. I'm betting toilet bowl cleaner isn't on the list for tasting, what do you think?

Ashlyn ran tonight, but I didn't. I'm going in the morning. Did you get out there? Megan did her half-Ironman tri this morning; I'm waiting to hear how it went.

Amy said...

Ooooo...that stack of fabric looks exciting! Can't wait for you to see what gems are in there!
Glad you were able to have a "puttering" day :0)