Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Tale of Three Purples

Sydney's Dresden Plates Quilt has been spread out on the floor of the formal living room since Sunday because I didn't have enough sashing strips for the outside border. I have a post by Nines stuck in the back of my mind about "naive" quilts and can't finish this one without an outside lattice. I must have planned to, when I cut out all the bits O so long ago, unless I just ran out of fabric and put it in a box. Finishing UFOs is full of surprises. I guess the good thing about scrappy is that you can pull a partial quilt out of a box and add a few more fabrics to finish it up. That wouldn't work with a color coordinated quilt from a specific collection of fabrics.
I wanted to use purple for the outside and was fresh out. I made Bonnies Blue Ridge Beauty in purple a while ago, and used every scrap of purple in the house. So, knowing that I have several partial lap quilt kits that could use purple, I went ahead and picked out three today as I dashed in and out after work but before afternoon pick up detail and Tuesday faculty meeting. On the left is purple dots, in the middle is dark flowery and on the left is light. Which one looks best? The blocks are in light medium and dark, so I'm a little torn. What do you guys think? Left, middle or right?

The fires seem better today. The wind died down some, so It gave them a chance to get some of the blazes under control. Palm Bay schools all canceled classes, but we were fine in this region of the county. The worst of it seems to be missing us so far, I hope it stays that way. There are collections going at all of the kids schools for supplies for the firefighters as well as the people living in shelters. I have a few boxes of extra girl scout cookies that I'll send in, and then I can make a trip to the store tomorrow afternoon for some of the items of the requested list.
I talked to Kurt last night and updated him on the happenings of the day. I told him he could should look at my blog to see a picture of Anna at the bridging ceremony. He said he doesn't know the address! So I'll e-mail it to him and think about what it means that I have to check his itinerary to see when he'll be back and he has to check my blog to see Anna's Girl Scout ceremony.


Candace said...

I like the middle one, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm in the minority, as I seem to have weird taste's sometimes. Anyway, that's the one I like best. The first one would be my second choice. Glad the fires have avoided your area, mine too, and I called my son, and his x-wife and children are close, but haven't been in it.
People get awful busy, and you and your husband remind me of a much, much milder version of one of the leaders in our church. His son wanted to talk to him and he was on the phone, til finally the son went to a pay phone (it was before everyone had cell phones) and called so that he could speak to his father. I always thought that was "too" busy.

Amanda said...

I'm with Candace on this - the middle one sings, and the one on the left is next. The one on the right looks too washed out for me. Glad the fires are settling down a bit.

Amy said...

Okay, I'm the minority so far----I prefer the one of the left, with the middle one coming in second. I must also agree with Amanda that the right one is simply too light.

I haven't followed your family for long so I'm not aware of Kurt's job. I know when Paul (my DH) worked on the road (gone for 10 days, home for 4; repeat!), it was tough. I was very thankful when he finally was able to be home consistently.

I'm glad to hear things are going as good as they can for you right now with the fires.

Lastly, I know you are winding to the close of your school year. I'm trying to make sense of your time-line today----is your school an "open campus?" I might have to reread your post, but my understanding is you were at school; left for home; went back for a meeting???

16 more school days and counting for me.....(June 6) *sigh*