Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prototype Number 2

I bordered and spray basted the other Girl Scout quilt last night. I really like how the spray baste is working on the small sized quilts, but oh my, what a sticky mess. I rolled up the carpet in the foyer so that I could do it over the tile but still managed to make EVERYTHING sticky. My feet were sticking to the floor making little suction sounds as I walked away. And oh my, it was scary to see the things that they picked up off of the supposedly clean floor. I was planning to run by the Sewing Gallery after work for a flowery quilting stencil, but ended up leaving just in time to start the afternoon roundup. I thought maybe I could bribe the kids with Slushies to go out again, but no such luck. Everyones in the pool now, so I guess we're not going anywhere this afternoon. The library books and blockbuster movies will have to languish in my car for another day.

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