Thursday, June 19, 2008

Basting Bash

I've been basting myself bloody this evening. I still have the OC left to go, but I ran out of safety pins and decided to call it a night. It's so frustrating, because I remember buying three extra packages the last time I was grocery shopping. I don't think I could have used that many, but I turned the laundry room upside down and couldn't find any more pins. I was planning on getting some serious quilting done tomorrow while my husband hung out with the kids, but now it looks like he's not going to take his day off. He is usually off every other Friday, but they have a deadline coming up, and have all been working a lot of late nights this week. I hope he is able to at least take Saturday off. I'm enjoying spending time at home with the kids, but It's nice to have some adult company as well.
We worked on cleaning the toy room today and then filled up the rest of the day with play dates. Anna had two friends over this morning, and then Ryan had someone over this afternoon. It's great that there are so many kids in the neighborhood. It's so nice to have people knocking on the door to see if someone can play.


Amanda said...

I hate pin basting, it kills my back. I have to do it on the floor as we don't have a table big enough. Will you be machine quilting your projects or hand quilting?

Amy said...

(*rubbing my eyes, wiping what MUST be a smudge/typo on the screen*)....Is that post time correct?!?!?!? Holy buckets girl!

I sympathize with you on basting----it's probably the part of quilting I dislike the most! However, I'm still excited to see what the finshed quilts will look like! I didn't realize the Dresden Plates quilt was ready for quilting. I love it! So bright and perfect for Sydney (right?)

Hope you can find some "you" time to quilt while the kids play nicely on their own (chuckle). Ahhhhh.....'twould be a miracle with my girls! Happy Friday!