Thursday, June 12, 2008

Border Decisions

I was all set to do a plain border on the OC quilt. I had it all justified in my mind: the quilt is already big enough for Sydney's bed, it's already very busy, I'd rather have it done. Then I saw Amy's finished OC quilt and started to have regrets. So now I am rethinking and have several options open to me based on the "leftover" squares.
Option 1: Plain pink and orange.
Option 2: "Flying Geese" units from squares, shown here with pink inner border.
Option 3: alternating up and down triangle units which ends up looking like hourglass half square alternating units. Shown here with an inner yellow border.
Option 4: leftover triangle units alternating with solid triangles. Shown here with inner pink border.
Help! It's too many choices.


Meisje said...

Option 2, definitely.

Amy said...

Having done your option 2 on my full quilt and your option 3 on my wall-hanging, my TRUE-HONEST-PASSIONATE choice-----#2. Hands-down!

If you choose option 2, since we set ours "straight", it is actually rather easy to determine the border. Each of the "flying geese" units matches the actual side of our layout, so the inner border could easily be 3" and the pieced border should match up nicely. (Make sense?) Just watch the corners---I almost had a DUH moment with the way my inner borders were put together. I SHOULD have mitered my two 1.5" strips, but instead created a simple 4-patch corner-stone, which worked out as well.

Oh dear....there I go rambling. Sorry! I LOVE your pink! Great choice for the inner border!

We are turning out to be a great duo! It was only after looking at YOUR straight setting that I decided to rip out my on-point setting and go with it. I guess the karma is coming back to you now :0)

Haven't heard much on the running front---I'm assuming it's hot???