Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This and That

I had a good chunk of the day to myself and decided to do a little sewing. I got all the sashing strips cut on the Elm Creek Sampler and sewed a few of them. I got the movie 27 Dresses from Blockbuster and ironed for two hours. I have a scad of leader and enders ready for the next step, and the OC top is now ready for borders. I think I will have a thin pink border and a fat orange one. Primarily because I have a little bit of pink and a little more orange leftover. I also pieced a back for the sea star quilt and layered and basted the sandwich. It's so nice to be able to spread out all over the house and jump from one project to another.

I did a little organization in the kitchen today. There is a spot on the counter that collects everything. School papers, art supplies, any of the regular rubbish the kids bring home from school, all of it ends up here. I usually try to keep it under control, but the end of the year caught up on me and it exploded. So I went through everything after dinner and restored a tiny corner of orderliness to the house. I'm taking a series of before and after pictures to try to motivate myself. I am so easily entertained.