Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here we go Again

I was in the process of cleaning and organizing in preparation for switching into quilting mode, and stumbled across my Dad's Plaids quilt tub. I think I ran out of shirts when I was working on it and got more, because there were 5 or 6 shirts on top that had been cut apart, but not cut into strips. The bits that are already in blocks are leftover from my Shirt off my Back quilt.
So I spent the odd moments today cutting them all into strips. There is something so relaxing about mindless cutting. All those odd sized pieces turned into nice tidy strips, ready to be sewn into a project. I collected all the "strings" that were too small to turn into strips thinking I might try a string quilt. Tonya showed one on her blog yesterday that she was planning on making out of recycled fabric strips that you can buy on a roll. Imagine that!
As always, when I go back to a project I've left along the way, I have trouble figuring out exactly what I was doing. I try to leave myself notes, but sometimes I forget. I think this quilt was based on one of Bonnie's patterns, but I can't recall which one. I paired up everything that was already cut, and when those are pieced, I'll see what I still need to make a quilt. Once I figure all that out, I'll remember to write it down just in case this quilt gets put away again. Of course, having gone to the trouble to write a note, I'll probably be less likely to put it away, because I'll already have a plan. Nice circle of logic, isn't it?


Lady Beekeeper said...

I agree about mindless cutting being soothing. WHO KNEW that it would be so good for the brain to work with your hands on things with color and texture? It took me 45 years to get a clue.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Mindless sewing and cutting can be so fabulous sometimes. I love your crumb blocks.

Amy said...

Whew---busy, busy girl you've been! How many girl scout kits to you need to completely put together, anyway?

I suppose your latest finding is fact enough that ALL quilters start a project, get partially through it, get inspired by a different project, and then COMPLETLEY forget about the first project :0)

Very cute blocks! I can't say that I know which of Bonnie's it is, either.
Happy sewing!