Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Little Dear Jane on the Go

I took the time before our trip to prep some Dear Jane blocks just in case I had time to sew. I didn't have much, but it's better to be ready just in case. I found this photo organizer on clearance at Joan's not too long ago and turned it into a quilt on the go kit. The little pockets hold blocks ready to be sewn, and there is room inside for my little sewing kit in a tin box. It was a free gift at a crop that I went to several years ago, and it is just the right size for all the basic necessities. Pins and needles live on little magnets in the corners; scissors, thimble and thread all fit in the middle. I usually leave the scissors out if I'm going to be on an airplane, but I've got a little thread trimmer that work in a pinch. I've even heard of people using dental floss trimmers. My favorite part is a little coffee stirrer that I got a Westin Hotel last year. It is triangular, and exactly 1/4 of an inch on each side. Perfect for marking seam allowances!
It all fits together nicely and zips up into this handy little package which is easy to carry along in case I get stuck somewhere and have chance to sew a little.
I got two Dear Jane Blocks done on our trip, mostly in the car one the way home. They are J-1 Josepha's Jonquil (6 pieces), and I-11 Coyote Chase (12 pieces). We sat at one toll both for almost 45 minutes, allowing me to get quite a bit done while Kurt tried not to swear in front of the children. I've been following along with the Dear Jane Blog, but I am not up to date with all the blocks. I prepared the ones they are doing in the blog, just in case I get on a roll and get caught up.

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Amy said...

Oh my word! I think I can honestly say that a Dear Jane quilt will NEVER make my to-do list. That is just waaaaaay tooooo daunting! But, HUGE luck going your way from me :0)