Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Border Details

I was planning on plain borders for the OC quilt, but I was inspired by Amy's finished OC, and decided to go ahead and make the pieced border that Bonnie designed. The sides took a little finagling, but I've got it done, the back pieced, and the binding rolled and ready to go.
I'm glad I went to the extra trouble, I think the border adds a lot to the quilt, even it it did take a little extra time. I need to do a little cleaning and reorganization so that I can switch gears for a while and get some quilting done. I now have FOUR completed tops ready and waiting for quilting. Even if I save one for hand quilting (shocking thought -- isn't it?), I still have quite a bit to keep my busy.
Today is a home day. I've been trying to get the kids to clean the toy room. I even tried bribing them with lunchables, but no luck so far. I had a nice run this morning, and I think we'll swim this afternoon.


Amy said...

Oooo...I LOVE how you positioned your 4-patch corner-stones. SO MUCH CUTER than mine :0)

And---one other idea (if it's not too late)....I was looking at the OC Album, and liked what Beryl did---she added another plain border to "finish it off". This really makes the pieced-border stand out. Here's a quick link to her top...

Just another thought----since my top is waiting patiently anyway, I'm going to add a 2-3" finishing border on mine.

Glad you had a great run; and I forget that most ppl in Florida probably have their own pool, huh??? No point up here in Wisconsin---July and August are the main "HOT" months for us.

Can't wait to see the quilting on your tops. Specially that Elm Creek one----WOW---that border SURE DID liven it up!

Amanda said...

Your quilt looks terrific, the border really does work.

MeganZ said...

Oh my gosh -- I LOVE your version of the orange crush!! Wow. That's one of my favorites. Such bright happy colors and it all works!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Rhonda said...

Wow! Your OC looks fantastic! Really cute borders!

Quilter Kathy said...

I think your OC quilt is one of my favorites! So happy and fresh looking....great job!