Saturday, June 28, 2008

So Close

It's amazing what actually having a few uninterrupted minutes in front of the machine will do for getting things done. I've been puttering around on my OC quilt all week, a few stitches here, out of thread, a few more stitches, someone needs a drink of water, and so if goes. Kurt got back in town today, and brought Anna with him. She needed lots of long hugs after her week with Nana and Pops, but once she had those, she was off to do her own thing. I spent a few minutes discussing the week with Kurt, but as soon as all was calm, I escaped to my sewing room.
I had the entire middle section done, and had just started on the border when Sydney decided that she needed me. She's made a list of the things that she needs to do with Mom. She's checking each one off as we do it together. So far we've had a pretend sleepover, taken a shower and had me and mom makeup time. She's trying to sucker me into a trip to the mall and Panera Bread for dinner. We'll have to see about that. I should be able to finish the OC border tonight after bed time and maybe even get the binding put on if all is calm. Yesterday I was able to get some hand sewing in and finished up some bindings and labels. It is good to have things all the way done.


Julie said...

Good for you! I am slowly putting my OC together into sections. I plan to quilt in sections. I think I am dragging around b/c I have never quilted that way before.

Amy said...

Whew!!! Now THAT is talent! Being able to finish up a project after "bed time!" You sew in your sleep now???
It appears we both are struggling with our passions of life----we love quilting, yet we have little ones needing the "mommy time" too. Hopefully a balance can be found that will keep everyone happy :0)