Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just finished putting the Elm Creek blocks together. I had enough finished to make a 5 x 7 setting. The blocks are only 8 inches with the sashing though, so that still only makes the quilt 40 x 56 so far. I have about 8 more blocks cut out and ready to piece, but to keep a nice rectangular shape, I should make it 8 x 10, and that would be A LOT more blocks. So maybe I'll just add a border and keep it as a small quilt. I don't know why I have it stuck in my head that every quilt has to fit on a bed. We have plenty of quilts hanging on walls and hanging over the backs of couches around here. I'm thinking of trying a piano key border, I always love the way they look, and It would draw all the colors in. I've got two quilts now in need of borders. Why do I always get bogged down on the borders?


Amanda said...

I tried to leave a comment on your last post, but there was nowhere to put it. I wanted to say that my view is that there's no point tidying up, or cleaning, until you can see the difference you've made.

I love your Elm Creek quilt, very fresh, clean and simple. I think borders are hard work, because by that time your mind has started moving on to the next project, being creative again, whereas borders are just finishing off ideas you already had and don't often tax your creative side very much.

Hope you get there with your two UFOs.

Amy said...

YEAH!!!! Your comments are back!!!

First, the Elm Creek looks FUN! Hind-sight is 20-20, but an idea for the future would be to use some sashings to make the quilt a bit larger. A 2" sashing would have increased your 40x56 to almost 52x68 (if you also considered sashings (or a border) along the edges.

And I know what you mean by "keeping a nice rectangular shape." My Oklahoma Backroads will be lying out for awhile until I add QUITE a few more blocks to create a 6x7 layout. (Right now it's a bit more than 5x6).

Finally----YES, YES, YES! I am SO glad there are other people in this world who have a "collect-all" counter. And, yet again, our similarities are showing through---I just cleaned mine off on Saturday. It ALSO collected A LOT this past week with the last days of school.

Glad you are enjoying your "you" time. Happy Wednesday!

Candace said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday also, and wasn't able to, but it looks like it's fixed today.. I love your quilt, I like the wonky setting. I think it's funny that Amy mentioned your similarities, as I always think of the two of you. I guess because, of being young mothers who teach, and run, and of course quilt. You are two of the most energetic people I can imagine.

Rhonda said...

Love you Elm Creek Samplers! That one has been on my list to do for quite awhile now.
I really like your "twist n turn" setting... making the quilt so fresh and fun!