Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dad's Plaids

After putting together all of the partially sewn bits and pieces in the Dad's Plaids tub, I have about 36 blocks done. They are 8 inches finished, so if I want this to be big enough to fit on our bed, I'm about 1/4 done. I'm thinking that a flying geese border would be really cute. The colors are much more muted than what I've been working on recently, but I'm liking the way one block sort of runs into another. I think the more subdued color palate would be soothing in the master bedroom. And the recylced men's shirts are so soft and comfortable. The blocks do end up being a little wonky from the differences in all of the fabrics, but I think I'm OK with that.

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Amanda said...

I do like those colours - and I've decided I like wonky too, especially with those homespun type yarns. Have you read Bonnie's and Tonya's blogs today about super-perfect, arty vs homely, useable?