Saturday, June 21, 2008

Marching On

I spent bits of the day sporadically stitching down the binding on the "echino thingy" quilt. I was ALMOST done when naptime hit. I decided I'd rather save the binding for sitting next to the pool and watching the kids swim, so I sat down to get started on the quilting for Dresden Plates. I had orriginally planned to outline each wedge and then fill in the background with a grid or a stipple. I got halfway around one plate and decided stitch in the ditch is way too tedious. Instead I decided for overall unmarked free motion. I was going for a double loop kind of thing that is supposed to look sort of like an olive. I don't know how much it looks like an olive, but it was kind of fun to do. I've ordered the pajama quilter DVD that I keep reading about, so maybe that will lead to some new ideas in free motion quilting. I'd better get back at it,or nap time will be over and the kids will need me for something. Kurt has gone in to work again, so it's just women and children again.


Amy said...

*giving Amanda an electronic-high-five* Woo-hoooo! Looks like we've developed a new name for Angela's quilt :0)

The Dresden quilting looks like fun! I'll have to do a google on quilting styles. T'would be fun to learn some FMQ other than just random stipples. :0)

Candace said...

You have been busy. I love how your OC turned out. The border does add a lot, but I'm not sure that I'll try it.