Monday, June 9, 2008


I was supposed to be gone all week. I had strategically scheduled everyone for camp so that I could go and learn about fish this week. Well the fish stood me up at the last minute, leaving me with all the children scheduled already. All I had to do was get everyone delivered to their various camps and I could have a day for myself. Ryan's camp started first at 8:30. It was at a park several miles south of our house. Anna's camp started at 9:00 and was at a girl scout facility that map quest said was 19 miles to the north. It said I could make the trip in 29 minutes. No problem, that gives me one minute to spare! So I could drop off Sydney at 8, pick up our car pooler at 8:15, deliver Ryan at 8:30 and arrive with my one minute of leisure time. Never believe map quest. It doesn't know about construction and traffic. Thankfully my husband realized the insanity of my plan and stepped in to arrange a cub scout car pool. So I skipped the drop off Ryan part and moved everything else up by 15 minutes. Thankfully that only left me 5 minutes late. Where did my one minute of leisure go?
Having already driven halfway across the county, I thought I should get some use out of all that gas and make a stop by the Hancock's Fabric. I never go north, so I hardly ever go there. Now that I am learning the differences in the quality of different fabric manufacturers, I can appreciate the selection that they have compared to Joann's. I found three nice 1860 shirting reproductions, a batik to use for the back of the sea star quilt, another small print for the back of the OC quilt, and best of all -- manatees and penguins for my marine science series! Still no sea turtles, but not a bad haul at all. Of course, by the time all of that was done it was lunch time and I had only two hours before it was time to start the afternoon pickup routine. Still, two hours is quite a lot when there is no one home, so I pulled out the Elm Creek blocks and started setting them. No pictures yet, but I'm using Bonnie's Happy Houses setting. I think I got 6 done before it was time to make dinner.
I was supposed to be gone all week learning about fish.