Friday, December 10, 2010

45 hours in Transit

Kurt is almost as happy to be home as I am to have him back.  I just drove over to the airport to give him a car key because his were in his luggage which is still in London.  It's been 45 hours since he first got on a train to go the airport.  I think a good nights sleep in his own bed will do wonders for his disposition.  Then in the morning we can coordinate our schedules and figure out who gets which activities.

I used my unexpected down time this morning to work on some more string blocks.  I felt like I was getting lots done, though only 16 seem to have come out at the end so far.  I think they look very nice so far, but I have no idea how they will fit into the finished quilt. 

Then I took the fabric for step 4 to ice skating this evening to get the cutting done.  That didn't take the 3 hours we were there, so I looked up another pattern on Quiltville and cut out the pieces for The Road to Camp Gravatat as well. If I can get them sewn in the morning I can take them along wherever I end up and do the subcutting. 
It's been a long and painful week, so I think I'll head to bed.  Goodnight all. 


Janet said...

I'm glad Kurt made it home. It will be nice to be a two parent home again. How do you do the cutting when you are at practice? Do you take everything with you? Where is the flat surface to work on? Just curious and amazed at your dedication.

Amy said...

Way to use the time given to you!
And...oh dear....I'm a bit fearful that I won't find the time needed to get these 60 blocks done...Bonnie's simply gone loopy :0)

So glad Kurt is home; here's looking to the RESULTS of a nice evening in his own bed, in his own house, with his family and not in transit!

Barb said...

I take it you got the water break fixed...along with some wonderful sewing time?

Love the string blocks.

LuAnn said...

I have 10 string blocks finished, and I just kept counting them. It felt like there should have been so many more in my pile. I thought I would do 10 blocks a day for 6 days, but that only worked for the first day. I worked on step 4 awhile yesterday and have that one almost finished. Your blocks look great! Glad Kurt got home ok.

Candace said...

Your blocks look so good, I still have 59 to go, lol.