Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiny Tuesday

I made a valiant effort to finish off the next Midget block in honor of tiny Tuesday.  I got out the foundation pieces and marked the red parts, I cut some little squares fabric and even got the first couple of sections sewn onto each of the 8 sections.  Then it was dinner time and we ended up going out.  Dinner was right next to Joann's, and they still have polar fleece on sale.  I was checking out this tutorial for kids snuggies today and thinking about making a few for Christmas gifts for the kids.  Sydney goes crazy every time she sees the commercial and SO DESPERATELY wants to have a snuggie of her own.  I found no sew fleece throw kits at half off that were cheaper than yardage, so I bought a couple to try out the pattern.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon if I can finish up with stuff at school.  Today was the first day of finals so its crunch time with everything needing to be done right NOW.  I've only got one exam tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get some serious work done before the teacher appreciation luncheon.