Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waiting for Laundry

I would have been in bed a while ago, but Ryan let me know on the way back from the holiday shop that he was out of clean long pants.  He only has three pairs and it has been cold for four days now.  We are just not well prepared for that much cold around here.  Because I couldn't go to bed until the laundry made it into the dryer I went ahead and sewed down the edges of Midget Block 37.  Block 38 got finished on our last trip to Georgia, so here they are together, Imperial Fan and Garden Beauty
I've been taking a picture of me with each of the finished block. This one is my tired and grumpy look. I thought about looking happier for the photo, but I thought this did a better job of representing this moment in time. Hopefully the flight schedule will be nice to me tomorrow so I can get my happy face back.


Amanda said...

you look in need of a great big hug - and a bar of chocolate. Sadly I can't provide either, but wish you well as you drag your weary way through the remaining hours.

Pip said...

You don't look too happy there. Your blocks look great though.

Amy said...

LOL @ Amanda's comment
Sending good vibes your way to bring Kurt home and motivational/happy times your way!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

LOL at the grumpy face. Your blocks look great though!