Thursday, December 23, 2010

Final Foto of Freddie

I couldn't finish Freddie without getting an official parting photo.  He was much more cooperative than his twin sister.  The blocks were all happy to lie flat and I found thread colors that came closer to matching. I just need to cut out the binding and all will be well. 
This was my favorite of all of the blocks. It is called Mosaic Star and it is from Grandma's Best Full Sized Quilt Patterns. I made it on February 19th. I love having a blog so that I can go back and find out things like that. I would love to make a whole quilt of just this block.
While going back and looking for the block name I realized that I had posted the wrong button in my margin.  I had made one with 2010 as the year by mistake. It is fixed now and I'm off to figure out how to make that cool html "grab this button" code.  Also, for the person who asked where I got my cool looking "antique" jars, I found them at Wal-mart last Wednesday.  They are large cracker jars and I had to go back twice to get enough for the whole rainbow.  I know, things are pretty fancy around here.  This afternoon I'm going to get out my scraps and start playing so I'll be ready with lots of brilliant ideas on January 1.  I'll be revealing the new color on or around the first of each month, though I've already let it be known that January is going to be blue.  Now I'll see if I can figure out how to make everything on my blog blue!


Amy said...

OH GOODNESS! I just looked at the button I posted a couple of days back.....didn't even realize it said 2010!

I'll get around to changing it! But, I'm wrap one final gift and place our little Santa stash under the tree for tomorrow morning.

Have a wonderful next couple of days. I'll catch up on Sunday!

Amanda said...

Me too, I was so pleased with myself with working out how to put the button on my blog that I never looked at it closely. Have a lovely Christmas.