Sunday, December 12, 2010

Play Day

Having Kurt home again allowed me to take a little time today and just have some fun in the sewing room.   What a wonderful luxury it is to take turns carting the kids around town.  Yes, I have a bajillion ongoing projects that I should be working on.  Instead I started something new.  One day last week I had extra green and neutral fabric from RRCB at an ice skating rehearsal along with a rotary cutter and an i-phone.  I zoomed over to quiltville and started cutting 3.5 and 2 inch strips for Bonnie's Road to Camp Gravatt quilt.  I didn't think I wanted to do the wonky star points in the sashing, but knew It wouldn't work to just set the Puss-in-the-Corner blocks straight together.  I considered a simple green sashing strip with a white cornerstone, but decided to use a different colored alternating block instead.  I was SO close to doing red and green for Christmas, but at the last minute changed it to yellow and green instead.  I reversed the color placement in the yellow blocks so that they would mesh nicely with the green blocks.  I've got a stack of strip sets ready to go, but wanted to get a few up on the wall to see how the blocks played together.  I'm kind of liking it.  It isn't a complicated quilt, but I am enjoying the simple geometry of it.  It is going to be called Kitty Korner, mainly because I always want to snicker when I have to say Puss-in-the-Corner (or Norfolk Virginia for that matter). 
Sunday is pizza night, but I should really get everything cleaned up and do some work for school.  Midterm exams start on Tuesday and I need to do a final proofreading so that I can make copies.  I also want to finish off all the odds and ends of grading so that I can call that officially done.  5 school days until Christmas vacation!  I am looking forward to staying home and sewing all day in my jammies.  Especially now that I have someone to help me with the rest of the Christmas shopping. 

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