Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

Sydney has never seen snow.  Not real snow.  We drove to a ski resort a couple of years ago and they were making snow.  Last winter a couple of flakes fell from the sky and she gathered them in an overturned umbrella.  But we are in Georgia for Christmas and it is snowing.  Real flakes that are sticking to the ground and covering it in glimmering whiteness.  For most of you I'm sure it seems silly to be excited about a bit of winter weather, but for our native Florida children it is a magical treat.   It is the first time they have ever had a white Christmas. 
We had our own family celebration yesterday.  We have never spent a Christmas day at home.  Santa is nice enough to come a day early though.  He is very accommodating that way.  We have all the same rituals and traditions, just a day earlier than other people. So we put out the milk and cookies and modeled the new Christmas PJs.  We listened to Christmas music and Christmas stories.  I don't think we'll have another Christmas with the magical believing still going on.  I'm savoring it while it lasts, like the last bite of  a dessert so delicious you are tempted to lick the plate clean. 
After that it was a short 7 hour drive to Georgia.  We have had a lovely day spending time with our cousins, sharing meals and opening gifts.  Each time they see each other the kids jump back in and start playing as if they had seen each other yesterday instead of months ago.  Ryan and Austin are so close in age and interests and Paige and Sydney are just as well matched.  Anna and Zach make an odd set of solo book ends on either end, but they find their own amusements. 
I brought three Christmas quilts to give as gifts.  The Christmas twin block of the month samplers went to Mom and Tom while the Christmas Lights mystery quilt went to my sister and her husband Scott.  The kids each got a homemade snuggie, I'm wishing right now that I had made and extra for me. I am starting to remember how cold snow is. 


Linda Lee said...

I think you should plan a winter trip to Wisconsin! We could take them snowmobiling, sliding, ice skating, and snowman building. Cousins are great! Enjoy your vacation time.

Amanda said...

I think all children should experience the fun of real snow whilst they are still young enough to enjoy it and not bother about getting cold and wet and falling over. We've had enough of it here now though and can't wait for it to go away.

Micki said...

Tons of snow here in Ireland. The kids look so happy!

LuAnn said...

It looks like you had a nice Christmas, and it's nice you had snow. We had snow on the ground, and it snowed again on Christmas Eve. I know everyone loved the quilts you made for them.

Amy said...

LOL...I'm with Linda on this one; how 'bout from now 'til next Christmas we start a fund to support the "Soscrappy Family Trip to Wisconsin to frolic in LOADS of snow" trip!?! Fun memory pic of Anna and the flakes.

And yup---what IS it about cousins??

Hope you took pictures of the quilts and their recipients. The twins were so lovely!

Candace said...

Sounds like two magical Christmas celebrations, different but very special. My kids weren't lucky enough to have corresponding cousins, but my grandkids did, and they have some special relationships. My brother lives in Jacksonville, and he had some light flurries. It is exciting when you live in Florida to see the white stuff.

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