On August 3, 2010, I stumbled, accidentally onto a sight called Sentimental Stitches.  There were patterns for lots of miniature quilt blocks from a depression era quilt.  I quickly saved them all off and sewed together the first one.  I wasn't planning on starting a long term project, but they were too cute to resist.  Since then I have tried to make one block each week, slowly building up a nicely sized collection of tiny little blocks.  Itty-bitty blocks are highly adorable, but it sure does take a lot of them to make a big quilt!  Others have joined in along the way, some to stay and some have fallen by the wayside.  While not as popular as the Dear Jane blocks, these little guys are adorable and addictive.  Why not give it a try, it is just fabric and thread after all, what's the worst that could happen?

The Quilt is now officially done.  What a fun journey it was.
The quilting was such fun!  Small meander in the white space with lots of stitch in the ditch and light quilting inside the blocks.   
There was ribbon candy in the inner border and parallel lines in the outer border.   

It isn't perfect, but it was such a fun journey.  You should think about giving it a try.  Or at least saving off the patterns for someday.  

Here are some of the others working on the same quilt:
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Ellen at Little Jewel Quilts
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Judy at Gramma's Quilting Room

Each block finishes at 4 inches (or thereabouts)
Patterns are available at Sentimental Stitches.
 The first 50 blocks have been retired, though you can buy them from the site.  Blocks 51 and up are still free to download, so get them while you can.

Follow the hyperlinks below to see the finished blocks. 

96    1929 World's Fair
103    String
105    Missouri Puzzle
106    English Ivy
108    Lucky Star
112    Butterfly
113    Ship
114    Kansas Beauty
115    Schoolhouse
116    Garden Maze
117    Diamonds
120    Double T
121    Indiana Puzzle
122    Liberty Star
123    Loggers Star
125    Betty's Choice
126 Swastika
127 Lozenge Tree
128 Four Winds
129 Springtime
130 Sunbeam
131 Indian
132 Radiant Star


Quilter Kathy said...

A gorgeous finished quilt with amazing detailed work in every block... great job!

Pale Blue Corner said...

I really like how it came out, all those tiny details and nice colours!